a blockchain revolution towards a safer and more secure ICO ecosystem

CryptoProfile (CP) has initiated a transformative idea that will revolutionize cryptocurrency airdrops and prove highly beneficial for those holding CP tokens.


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How Does This Work?

CP believes in the importance of credible ICO projects. All ICO Projects will be check and research thoroughly before we accept them as our client. We offer our clients 100% return of all profits through marketing and also a 6-month return on the original value of tokens invested through a smart contract (T&Cs apply). Moreover, token holders are guaranteed maximum value through airdrop marketing.

To further illustrate the mechanics of the ICO Ecosystem let’s take this example:

  1. ICO Projects onboarded by CryptoProfile will pay USD100k for marketing. CryptoProfile will return USD100k value of CP tokens.

  2. The CP tokens returned will be locked up in a smart contract for a period of six months and released when onboarded client are listed on an exchange.

  3. Onboarded client will have to give 10% of their ICO token to Cryptoprofile which then takes 100% from that token pool and airdrop to CP Holders to further stimulate interest and participation from this massive crypto community.

  1. All CP token holders will keep getting airdrops every time Cryptoprofile accepts ICO Projects for Marketing.

  2. CP Token Holders on ERC20 blockchain can also make bonus traceable investments with our clients.

Concept of ICO Ecosystem

  1. ICO project will buy CP token from the CP token reserve.

  2. Token will be locked up in a smart contract for 6 months.

  3. An ICO project will have to give 10% of their token to airdrop to CP token holders. (community support)

  1. Proof of community on ERC20 blockchain allows CP tokens holder to support ICO projects which is traceable.

  2. CP token holders will keep getting vast amounts of airdrop as long the teams keeps bringing in fresh projects.

  1. ICO project can acquire CP tokens from our reserve and store them in their CP wallet.

  2. Reserve will also receive airdrops.

  3. However, the reserve will gradually deplete as purchases increase as a result of the uptake in interest in the specific ICO project or other projects that also utilize CP tokens.

  1. For balanced tokenomics airdropped tokens will be sold to exchanges.

  2. CP then utilizes the funds to further purchase CP tokens from exchanges and refill the reserve.

Market Issues


Small value

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Unethical marketers

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No clue on community support

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Tough task

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Road Map

In 2019, CryptoProfile will upgrade to a higher detection point for timelier buying, selling or holding strategies with Elliot waves (which have previously been used in forex and stock markets before they had proper financial valuations). Our foray into patenting is also potentially a possibility.

3rd Q 2016
  • Building community from WhatsApp​ and Pool Funding
4th Q 2016
  • Started educating on how to buy/sell coins​
1st & 2nd Q 2017
  • Started educating how to buy ICO​
3rd & 4th Q 2017
  • Build website for beginners​
1st Q 2018
  • Charting
  • Coin description & tooltip
  • Getting started​
  • Walk the ground
2nd Q 2018
  • New Website layout
  • Payment gateway
  • 1 tier subscription​
  • Test run marketing
3rd Q 2018
  • ICO List
  • New mobile view for website​
  • Test run meet the VCs
4th Q 2018
  • Blockchain development & integration with website
  • News update​
  • ICO Private Sale

Possible monthly airdrop of other projects

1st Q 2019
  • ICO Listing Detail Page
  • Launch Test Net
  • ICO Pre-Sale
  • ICO
2nd Q 2019
  • Calendar
  • Mining Rig​
  • Wallet
3rd Q 2019
  • Forum
4th Q 2019
  • Compliance
1st & 2nd Q 2020
  • Market/Exchange API
    sourcing & integration​

CryptoProfile is a Community-Centric Token

Bounty Hunters are conventionally thought to be only useful in boosting up the numbers of communities and not contributing anything much to the ICO project. CryptoProfile has come up with strategic planning to involve bounty hunters in a manner that they contribute to the projects up to their full potential:

  • Bounty hunters will receive free CP tokens as long as they register as community and do the needful tasks.
  • Bounty hunters will get incentives for holding CP tokens and also receive airdrops of other ICO projects’ tokens.
  • The bounty hunters possessing CP tokens will have more discounts if they want to invest in an ICO project handled by CP.

Writers who are involved in CP ICO projects will have the following benefits:

  • Writers will receive CP tokens as well.
  • Writers will get incentives for holding CP tokens and also receive airdrops of other ICO projects' tokens.
  • The writers possessing CP tokens will have more discounts if they want to invest in an ICO project handled by CP.

Use Cases

In every project, uses cases and liquidity are interdependent. In order to ensure that the CP tokens are utilized:

  • Writers who write articles and have an up-vote of 50+ will be rewarded with a token. The token can be further sold in exchanges or stored on the wallet.
  • Crypto novices, who have gone through the custom CP blockchain technology educational guides will be rewarded with a particular amount of CP tokens.
  • Projects that featured their ICOs on can enjoy free zone service under particular terms and conditions.
  • Featured ICO projects have access to our trusted, consolidated VCs, digital marketing teams, legal advisors, blockchain developers, PR & fundraising teams and ecosystem partners. Minimal charges are applicable for these services.
  • Airdrop tokens can be sold in exchanges.
  • From exchanges, they can be sold off and changed to fiat currency.


  1. Companies that engage CryptoProfile in paid marketing, our partners in various collaborations and even the companies or websites which advertise our venture are incentivized to receive free tokens.

  2. Writers that share their valuable comments and feedback via email about our contents in tooltip, descriptions, articles, and forums, or send in their reviews on our website to help improve not just the quantity but the quality of the content available will also be incentivized with CP tokens.

By doing these, we are:

  • Promote healthy speculation in cryptocurrency market.
  • Aiming to achieve steady uptrend of coin price.
  • Providing ICO projects with inadequate promotional activity budgets.
  • Gaining earned trust and support from the community.

About Token

Token Price
& Distributions

General description

CP Token will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20* standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.


ERC 20





Total Token Supply
Total Token For Sale
Soft Cap
1,162,556 USD
Hard Cap
30,463,808 USD
Minimum Purchase Pre-Sale
500 USD
Minimum Purchase ICO
100 USD
Token Price Pre-Sale
0.05 USD
Token Price ICO
0.10 USD
Total Token Supply
Total Token For Sale
Soft Cap
1,162,556 USD
Hard Cap
30,463,808 USD
Minimum Purchase Pre-Sale
500 USD
Minimum Purchase ICO
100 USD
Token Price Pre-Sale
0.05 USD
Token Price ICO
0.10 USD

of Tokens

of Tokens

Use of Funds

Use of Funds

Our Team

Max Ng
Max Ng
Managing Director, Co-founder

Max Ng is a successful tech entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast. With meritorious experience across blockchain development, SEO services, and corporate as well as social media marketing, Max has assisted in numerous successful. crypto-token projects, developing winning strategies and meeting funding requirements within the projected time frame.

Jaclyn Lim
Deputy Managing Director, Co-founder

Jaclyn Lim (Deputy Managing Director, Co-founder) is a serial entrepreneur who has led several start-ups, she has in-depth experience coordinating and implementing administrative strategies in a timely manner. Her management skills include content management, initiating new client relationships, managing deal pipelines and providing marketing support to existing and potential clients.


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